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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Gandhi

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I'm currently working full time on research into using machine learning to understand our society, starting with producing emergent reciprocation from selfish agents. Research home, Talk video, slides, mailing list.


My GitHub account — All of my open-source projects are here.

I manage the PyWeb-IL community, which includes a meetup and a mailing list.

PySnooper — A poor man's debugger for Python. Talk video

PythonTurtle — A program that helps children learn Python. Over 100,000 people downloaded this software, and I'm very happy I could help so many children get interested in programming.

Python Toolbox — A collection of general-purpose Python tools.

I've contributed to lots of open-source projects: CPython, Django, Jax, Matplotlib, PyPy, Pandas and more.


Making 3d-prints stronger with titanium rods This is a technique that I've been using for years, and I thought I'd share it with the world. You can buy titanium rods for cheap and use them to reinforce your 3d-printed projects and make them stronger.

Live-coding a music synthesizer This is a fun live-coding session in which I explain how to write code that produces realistic-sounding musical notes.

About me

Ram Rachum, born 1986. Born-and-raised Israeli. Python software developer. My name is pronounced /ʁam ʁaˈxum/

Why “cool-RR”?

People sometimes find my internet nickname “cool-RR” odd. I assure you I am not a rapper. When I was a child in the 90's taking my first steps on the internet, I wanted to sign up to some chat website and my favorite nickname “RR” was taken. I went with “cool-RR” and I've been using it ever since.

Email: ram@rachum.com

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