Ram Rachum

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Gandhi

Welcome to my personal site. Here you'll find links to various things I've created over the years.

My blog


My GitHub account. All of my open-source projects are here.

PySnooper — A poor man's debugger for Python. Talk video

PythonTurtle — A program that helps children learn Python. Over 100,000 people downloaded this software, and I'm very happy I could help so many children get interested in programming.

Combi — A Pythonic package for combinatorics.

Python Toolbox — A collection of general-purpose Python tools.

Git Cascade — Useful extension scripts for the Git version control system.

I've contributed to lots of open-source projects: CPython, Django, Jax, Matplotlib, PyPy, Pandas and more.


Making 3d-prints stronger with titanium rods This is a technique that I've been using for years, and I thought I'd share it with the world. You can buy titanium rods for cheap and use them to reinforce your 3d-printed projects and make them stronger.

Live-coding a music synthesizer This is a fun live-coding session in which I explain how to write code that produces realistic-sounding musical notes.


General / Philosophy

Making order in chaos: The good way and the bad way

On changing the world

Dialogue about Nibbana

Non-technical articles about technology and entrepreneurship

Technology principle: The toy will win

Thinking of your software as a butler is difficult but important

The miserable programmer paradox

Why making a cool project is a good idea for an aspiring software developer

GUIs kick CLIs' asses

The wall

Feeling smart

My hobby: Following up on entrepreneurs

The value of a startup idea, or "Are startup ideas worthless?"


Python idiom for taking the single item from a list

The next revolution after Git

Is "counting code files" a good alternative to "counting lines of code"?


Transformations for an accelerated observer in Special Relativity

The Relativistic Electromagentic Force


Indescribable numbers: The theorem that made me fall in love with math

Generalizing the concept of median — The medimean, the n-dimensional median, and the n-dimensional weighted median.

A nice proof of Bolzano-Weierstrass

Eyal's Protein Conjecture — in which I tackle a conjecture given by my friend Eyal.


A man and a cat

שברי חלומות (Hebrew)


My performance of Portrait of Tracy

About me

Ram Rachum, born 1986. Born-and-raised Israeli. Python software developer. My name is pronounced /ʁam ʁaˈħum/

Why “cool-RR”?

People sometimes find my internet nickname “cool-RR” odd. I assure you I am not a rapper. When I was a child in the 90's taking my first steps on the internet, I wanted to sign up to some chat website and my favorite nickname “RR” was taken. I went with “cool-RR” and I've been using it ever since.

Email: ram@rachum.com

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